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Curtin University
Centre of Excellence for Science, Seafood and Health


Current research collaborators include:

Patrick Hone Fisheries Research Development Corporation
Peter Horvat Communications manager, FRDC
Michael Wilkinson Sealanes
David Carter Austral Fisheries
Kevin Krail CEO Omega 3 Centre
Calum Elder Simplot
Caroline Hounsell Senior Manager Marketing, Tassal
Prof Moyez Jiwa Chair, Health Innovation Curtin University
Charlie Thorn Director, Office of Research & Development, Curtin University
Angus Callander Industry rep
Richard Stevens Manager R&D WAFIC
Rae Burrows Department of Fisheries
Brad Adams Two Oceans Abalone Ltd
Tony Tate Chair Industry Advisory Group
Paul Catalano Business Manager, Catalano Seafoods
Glen Davison Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative Ltd
Stephen Hood Education and Training Consultant
Don Hancey Don Hancey Consulting, Hospitality
Steven Gill Marine Produce Australia
Tim Rowe CEO Chancliff Holdings
Bernie Pummell Vesco
Andy Giffney Operations & tech Mgr Vesco Foods
Karen Hollamby SARDI
Craig Johns Food industry Consultant Rural Solutions
Graeme Stewart Seafood industry Consultant
Dylan Skinns Austral Fisheries
Mark Tamplin University Tasmania
Peter Jecks Abacus Fisheries Pty Ltd
Greg Jenkins Aquaculture, Challenger Institute of Technology
Dr Gavin Patridge Aquaculture, Challenger Institute of Technology
Prof Moyez Jiwa Chair, Health Innovation Curtin University
Peter Manifis Restaurateur, In Contro Restaurant
Dr Gavin Partridge Aquaculture, Challenger Institute of Technology
A/Prof Vicki Solah Head Food Science and Technology Curtin University
Chris Calogeras Empowering Industry Project
Paul Graham Consultant, Market Strategy
Bean Goh Romport Holdings
A/Prof Meredith Lawley      Faculty of Business, University Sunshine Coast
Cath McLeod Independent Food Safety consultant
David Milne Director, Australian Maritime College
Sue Poole Depart of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry, Qld
Dr Kate Brooke Consultant
James Fogarty Australian Council of Prawn Fishers
Helen Jenkins Australian Prawn Fishers Association
Leon Bird Australian Bay Seafood
Mark Boulter Sydney Seafood Markets
Alex Kallis MG Kaillis
Theo Kallis Kallis Bros
John Sussman Fisheads Seafood Strategy
Andrew Barber SARDI
Ross Camilerri Fremantle Octopus
Dr Len Stephens MD, Australian Seafood CRC
Jayne Gallagher Program leader, Australian Seafood CRC
A/Prof Tiffany White University of Illinois, USA
Prof Hamish Gow Otago University, Wellington, New Zealand
Dr Ding Quing  Bo-Light, Kyoto Japan
Guan Tay Tricoast Nominees, Japan
Mark Tucek CEO, WAFIC
Dr Ros Giglia Dietitian
Prof Lynne Cobiac CSIRO
Prof Jane Scott Curtin University
Mick Burke MarineDiscoveryWest, Dept of Fisheries