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Curtin University
Centre of Excellence for Science, Seafood and Health

About Us


To shape the future of Australia’s seafood industry in a local and international context and thus enhance the economic benefit to industry.


  • To strengthen and improve the research capacity
  • To promote the health benefits of seafood
  • To facilitate research within the seafood industry to increase profitability


The primary aim of the Centre of Excellence for Science, Seafood and Health (CESSH) is to conduct excellence in scientific research and translate research findings into applied and practical outcomes that will have direct benefit to the seafood industry and to the general community.


  • To investigate the relationship between science, nutrition and seafood;
  • To improve the performance of seafood supply chains through science and innovation techniques;
  • To build seafood scientific research and development capacity;
  • Becoming an independent source of scientific advice around the benefits of seafood to human health; and
  • To work directly with industry to ensure that the research conducted within CESSH has relevance to the industry.