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Label Compliance Countdown

January 2013 saw the enactment of new legislation for food labelling in Australia, bringing the subject back into the spotlight for all food businesses, including seafood.
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The Get Smart Diet

[Posted: 11 November 2014]
Fish and seafood can help your brain function better when you are studying for exams.

Navigating the food standards code

[Posted: 24 March 2015]
Download the "Navigating the Food Standards Code: A guide for small to medium enterprises" guide.

Nutrition and Year 12 exams

[Posted: 15 October 2014]
Research clearly shows that eating the rights foods can help you during exam time. Read about how oily fish high in Omega-3s, berries, colourful veggies, herbs such as rosemary and basil plus lots of water can help.

Janet Howieson and Peter Jecks win Innovation Award

[Posted: 1 September 2014]
Dr Janet Howieson (Curtin) and Peter Jecks (Abacus Fisheries) won the Health Sciences Prize for Innovation in Education at the Curtin Innovation Awards held at Frasers Restaurant in West Perth.

Seafood and eat it: training the next generation of chefs

[Posted: 15 May 2014]
Australia is renowned for its abundance of quality seafood but many young chefs are not comfortable working with ocean produce – a trend Curtin University researchers are hoping to change through a specially designed online training program.

 Seafood, Eat It

[Posted: 12 Apr 2012]
CESSH recetly contributed to a feature article in the West Australian newspaper, on the health benefits of seafood and part of a healthy diet.

 Recreational Fishing

[Posted: 5 Apr 2012]
In collaboration with the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forresty, CESSH has released a substantial report into the health and well-being benefits of recreational fishing. The report highlights emergent areas of health benefit in mental health, recreation for the disabled, outdoor recreation for youth, antisocial behaviour deterrents, outdoor recreation for seniors and intergenerational transfer of knowledge and skills. The report has generated a high level of interest, with Professor Alexandra McManus conducting seven radio interviews to discuss the findings, and a feature article running in the West Australian newspaper.

 CIISC Project final report

[Posted: 27 Jan 2012]
CESSH completes the final report for significant piece of research, the Community Intervention to Increase Seafood Consumption (CIISC) Project.This project sought to translate the most up-to-date evidence around the health benefits of regular seafood consumption into a suite of resources and educational programs specific to the needs of various sectors within the Australian community and to use these resources as part of a whole-of-community intervention to increase seafood consumption. The full report is now available.

 Curtin Open Day

[Posted: 27 Jan 2012]
CESSH research and innovation was on display at Curtin's hugely successful open day. See more pictures.

 CESSH in the West

[Posted: 4 May 2011]
In today's West Australian newspaper, CESSH Director Alexandra McManus discusses the important role that omega-3s play in a healthy diet. In a comprehenisve full-page feature, Professor McManus highlighted the substantial body of evidence showing the health benefits associated with omega-3 consumption, and stressed the importance of fish and seafood in achieving recommended levels. "Over a week we need to get about 3500mg of omega-3s, if we are talking about brain function in particular. It doesn't matter if it is in one day or across seven days, but there needs to be a regular intake as part of a healthy diet." The feature also outlined the specific omega-3 contents for a range of fish and seafood, and discussed some of the specific health benefits for children, adults and seniors.

 CESSH recipe cards

[Posted: 18 Sep 2013]
CESSH releases the first four of a set of recipe cards, featuring nutritious seafood meals that can be prepared in just 20 minutes, for under $5 per serve.

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