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News 2010

International Seafood and Health Conference

[Posted: 23 Nov 2010]

In partnership with the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre, CESSH had a significant presence at the International Seafood and Health Exhibition, held in Melbourne from 6-10 November 2010. CESSH designed an innovative and informative trade display entitled 'Seafood for Life', presenting a snapshot of current research in an engaging and interactive way. The display featured video content from all corners of both the Australian research community and seafood industry. A number of CESSH resources made their debut in print, and were well-received by both the public and other exhibitors. CESSH's own 'Kidzone' was also on display, via a touch-screen kiosk that was very popular with younger visitors to the exhibition.

CESSH Director, Professor Alexandra McManus said, "We were thrilled with the enthusiast response to the trade display. Our creative team, led by James White, did a fantastic job in creating an inviting space for people to wander in, pick up the nutrition resources freely available to them and to interact with our friendly and well informed staff. We were confident that the information presented and the resources would be well accepted as we had trialled them extensively during their development. However, it is really rewarding to see faces light up when someone find something that 'speaks' directly to them. We are very grateful to the Australian Seafood CRC for their continued support of CESSH and for funding the projects promoted in the 'Seafood for Life' display."

Held concurrently with the public exhibition was the inaugural International Seafood and Health Conference, featuring presentations from notable researchers and professionals from around the world. CESSH made a significant contribution to the conference, organising one of the three streams, and delivering seven presentations, given by Professor McManus, Dr Wendy Newton, Avinna Trzesinski and James White.

Update: The involvement of CESSH at the Exibition and Conference is featured in the latest edition of eRipples, the Curtin staff newsletter..

R&D Now

[Posted: 5 Oct 2010]

CESSH is featured in R&D Now, the research magazine of Curtin's Office of Research and Development. Read the article or find out more about R&D at Curtin.

Seafood and Alzheimer’s Disease

[Posted: 18 Aug 2010]

CESSH submits a new article presenting research findings around the positive influence of seafood consumption in reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. From the abstract:

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) has been described as ‘one of the most disabling and burdensome health conditions worldwide’ and is responsible for approximately 70% of dementia in the elderly. Based on the current prevalence of AD, an aging world population and the associated projected health care requirements, it is estimated that by 2050, the prevalence of AD will reach 104 million with around 43% requiring ongoing health care. If the onset of AD can be reduced by as little as one year, the prevalence could be reduced by 10%. There is substantial commonality in research findings to date around the positive influence of seafood consumption in reducing the risk of dementia and AD.

Supermarket and Media Audit

[Posted: 30 Jun 2010]

CESSH releases "Supermarket and Media Audit of Health Messages Related to Seafood". Drawing on an investigation of 43 retailers, the report provides a detailed analysis of messages being displayed near fish, seafood and other food products. It also examines three newspapers over a six-month period, showing the range of messages consumerd are exposed to.

Literature Review

[Posted: 11 May 2010]

CESSH releases a comprehensive review of literature and resources relating to the health benefit of regular seafood consumption as part of a healthy diet. The report draws together a wide range of sources, consolidating their findings into one clear and easily-digested document. From the report: "There is increasing evidence to support regular seafood consumption (particularly fish) as being protective against all cause mortality. There are also differing levels of evidence (ranging from high to very low) to support regular seafood consumption as protective against various health issues. Based on the available evidence, any interventions or campaigns to promote regular seafood consumption, particularly fish, as part of a healthy diet should be tailored towards specific health issues and well defined target groups."

Recipe of the Week

[Posted: 29 Apr 2010]

CESSH presents the first in a series of featured recipes. Fun, delicious, and best of all, easy to prepare, these meal ideas are a great way to find new ways to enjoy the benefits of fish and seafood.

Salmon and potato breakfast rosti 

Seafood and Health GP Resources

[Posted: 9 Apr 2010]

CESSH releases a range of health resources highlighting the health benefits of seafood consumption. The booklets, entitled "Seafood and Your Health", address benefits for the prevention or management of arthritis, diabetes, cancer and chronic heart disease. A fifth booklet details the benefits of seafood for pregnant women. All five booklets include a helpful meal planner and recipes, designed to assist people to incorporate more seafood into their diet.

Industry Guidelines

[Posted: 31 Mar 2010]

CESSH releases Industry Guidelines for Seafood Health and Nutrition Messages. Kim Colero, Chairman of the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council says of the guide, "This is one of the first of what we hope will be a suite of informed and well-researched documents that will allow the discriminating consumer to make the best possible decisions when selecting and preparing their seafood."

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