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Curtin University
Centre of Excellence for Science, Seafood and Health

Community Intervention to Increase Seafood Consumption (CIISC) Project

The aim of the Community Intervention to Increase Seafood Consumption (CIISC) Project, was to translate the most up-to-date evidence around the health benefits of regular seafood consumption into a suite of resources and educational programs specific to the needs of various sectors within the Australian community and to use these resources as part of a whole-of-community intervention to increase seafood consumption.

The CIISC Project – based firmly on scientific evidence and a researched understanding of existing community habits and attitudes around seafood consumption – was aimed not only at improving health outcomes for Australians, but strengthening the viability and profitability of the Australian seafood industry.

The report can be downloaded in full, or by section, below.

Section 00
Title pages, contents, non-technical summary and executive summary (558kb)
Section 01 and 02
Introduction and literature review (162kb)
Section 03
Industry guidelines for seafood health and nutrition messages (266kb)
Section 04
Development of resources for general practitioners and allied health professionals (1.8mb)
Section 05
Point of sale consumer messages (651kb)
Section 06
Educational communication resources on the health benefits of seafood (2.1mb)
Section 07
Community survey (166kb)
Section 08
Communication strategies (140kb)
Section 09
Evaluation of the CIISC community intervention (233kb)
Section 10 and 11
Conclusion, recommendations and legacy (128kb)
Section 12
References (157kb)
Section 13
Appendices (15.4mb)
Full CIISC Project Report (19.9mb)